Monday, March 10, 2008

Que Viva Mexico

I missed Carnival this year, but i was there in spirit.... both in the process and the festivities. TriniRevellers theme this year "Que Viva Mexico" inspired Aztec Mas with the boys. I tried to come up with some ideas......and some very "primitive" drawings.......
But in the end, Artist/Mas Man Dawad Phillip came up with a vibrant design which was finally brought to life on the road! In addition, Mervyn Seebaran made an incredible Aztec costume fit for the Gods. His attention to detail astounds me. Someone needs to make a documentary about this man who can build elaborate costumes with his eyes closed.
Anyway, I love how something starts as a word or a thought and transforms from a drawing, a costume and finally, a performance.

More images of Trinidad Carnival 2008 can be found on and you can always find plenty of Bareskin, Bikinis and Beads!

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