Sunday, April 26, 2009

Girls and Ponies Women and Steeds

A woman on a horse is a romantic image. I'm not sure why i am drawn to it at the moment but it must be something to do with the horse as a mystic creature...maybe it represents girlish fantasies, wind blowing through the hair, strength, sex...Girl and Pony Woman and Steed

Beauty Beastly

More digitally altered images i played around with in Photoshop. These are images i found while i am roaming around the Internet

Woman on Parade

Listening Machines at Georgia Tech

Audio Stack

Composer and programmer Andrew Beck produced "Audio Stack" for Georgia Techs annual showcase of music and art projects exploring the creative space of human-machine interaction. Above are images i designed to go on the outside of the "music boxes" that make up the installation Audio Stack.
See images from the show here