Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Its a Small World........

.......but theres so much in it!
I started collecting army men about a year ago, not knowing exactly what was drawing me to them. i liked how this simple toy has been around for generations and change only weapons and uniforms depending on current affairs. I actually "played" with these guys at first, arranging them on maps, in a birdcage, on a fake x-tree....etc...feeling like a mad queen preparing for battle. Nothing seemed to fit, i grew bored and threw them onto the pile of "things" that have potential significance. I have Cowboys and Indians, Desert Storm Troopers, Fireman, Policemen, even Nazis (i wish i had some women). they will be put to some use eventually, perhaps in an altar installation or arranged into a parade.....I know that i want them to begin to take on a life of their own and start creating their own rituals......but until then i suppose taking them out and giving them orders every now and then cant hurt!

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