Sunday, March 16, 2008

My Back Pages 3

Sketchbook March 16th 2008
The top image is a page from my sketchbook. The painting includes an image by Photographer Stefan Falke. It is of a Laura Anderson Barbara costume, worn by the the Brooklyn Jumbies for her exhibit "Jumbie Camp!" Sept 2007. Credit where credit is due. I have a link to Stefan's site and the Brooklyn Jumbies on my Artists links list.
I included X-Mas trees to the image both playing on the word (mas) and also the idea of X-mas as a strange ritual. I'm also interested in how objects can hold visual similarities, while their purpose or meaning can be so different. And in addition, how two things from completely different backgrounds, can be connected if traced far back enough. I also posted a couple old images I found online, one from the Dogon tribe in Africa.

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