Monday, March 10, 2008

Nick Cave

Nick Cave (Chicago) began his career as a performer and fashion designer, creating fantastic, almost ritualistic costumes for dance and performances. More recently, he has been presenting these costumes as sculptural objects. These works, which he calls Soundsuits, are textured, sensual, elaborately designed assemblages of sometimes unexpected materials that act almost like musical instruments, emitting sound as they move. he describes these pieces as “full body suits constructed of materials that rattle with movement . . . like a coat of armor, [they] embellish the body while protecting the wearer from outside culture.”
Thank You Nick Cave for making Soundsuits..... How i wish to see their intricate detail and craftsmanship in person (or better yet wear one!). They seem like they transform those who put them on. Incredible. I love it.
Check out an interview....

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